First Free Will Baptist Church of Sutton's historic bell tower roof is in need of replacement.An investigation into apparent wind damage to the metal roof of the bell tower ended up determining that the entire metal roof was well beyond its useful life and severely deteriorated. In addition, due to many years of this roof condition, it has been found that the supporting roof rafters have also rotted to the point that they are not structurally sound.

Therefore, the church has taken on the project of replacing the roof above the bell tower. A reputable construction company is currently in the process of completely rebuilding and painting the rafter structure, and will then install a new metal roof. The architectural design will be maintained including the weather vane at the pinnacle.  The project is projected to take 3 weeks to complete at the cost of $30,000.


The First Free Will Baptist Church is an historic community landmark that has been preserved over the years due to the church’s commitment to invest in its maintenance.  To assure that the church can continue this preservation into the future, they are asking the community for donations to help pay for the bell tower roof replacement.  Please make your donation to First Free Will Baptist Church, PO Box 51, North Sutton NH  03260.  You can contact Ron Menning - Treasurer (603-413-8888, for further information or assistance.  All donations are tax deductible.