In the 1920’s, Ernest Avery, the owner of the Follansbee Inn, spearheaded the effort to install a clock in the steeple. Sufficient funds were raised and a Seth Thomas steeple clock was purchased and installed high in the belfry. The mechanical movement required someone to climb into the steeple once a week and wind the clock. The clock was in need of repair about 75 years after it was installed. The community came together and raised funds needed to make the repairs. At that time the clock movement was relocated just outside the sanctuary on the second floor. It was enclosed in a glass case, and the impressive time piece is now easily viewed by all.  The Follansbee Inn’s current owner now oversees the once weekly winding of the steeple clock, a gratifying connection between the 1920s and today, and a reminder of the ever-turning wheel of time and tradition.